by Harvard Club of India


With over 2,500 graduates from Harvard University, India sits on gold mine of trailblazers who could not only help this incredible nation find its rightful place in the world but also usher changes that may redefine its growth story. These potential “Leaders of Change”, spread across various disciplines, require a unique platform that helps consolidate their creativity, vision and talent into one unified mission.

The Harvard Club of India, through its ‘Mentor-Mentee’ Program, seeks to build an ecosystem where leaders from the field of business, public policy, politics, social sector, and technology would come together to help talented alumni create path breaking solutions for India-specific problems.

The Working Group set up to oversee the Mentor-Mentee program will create a coalition of various Harvard verticals that bridge gifted Mentees with appropriate Mentors. It further aims to organize conferences, competitions, and dialogues where Mentees could engage with leading decision makers from the government, business world and social sector.

The mentors are the building blocks of this initiative. They shall conduct training workshops to hone the mentees with latest skill set.

India, with its diverse geography and eclectic social fabric throws up challenges that cannot be met just by the state. It is with the synergy of various creative forces that groundbreaking changes can be ushered. We hope that the ‘Mentor – Mentee’ program is a humble contribution to that end.

Program Objectives

The objective of the MM Program are outlined as follows:

  • Creating a Pan-India Mentoring Platform.
  • Bridging the gulf between the Mentees, Industries and the Government.
  • Fostering an Ecosystem.
  • Inculcating Entrepreneurship
  • Building robust Industry-Investor partnerships.

Structure and Charter of the MM Program

The ‘Working group’ headed by Shobhana Rana (VP, Harvard Club of India) and Adwait Vikram Singh (Treasurer, Harvard Club of India) with Prerna Makkar, Susmit Pushkar, Vishnu Karthik and Sandeep Chopra as its other members.

Wish to Get Involved?

If you are a Harvard alum, and wish to get involved with this initiative, please email us at